Belief comes before action.
Disbelieve the reality you want, and it will never manifest,
no matter what you do or how much effort you invest to make it come true.
It is the belief in action that makes it effective.

Beliefs are the fuel that propel you into action. Just like a car cannot run on empty, neither can you. But instead of gasoline or electricity creating motion, you create and act based on the beliefs you use to filter your perception of the world.

When you look back on your own life journey and begin to identify the beliefs that supported vital decisions, you start owning your own power. The limiting beliefs that led you down a particular path may no longer hold true for you. But how do you change those beliefs?

A more powerful question is:
Are you willing to revolutionize your belief system with a new level of consciousness?

Willingness is all it takes. Willingness to be open to new ideas, concepts, and knowingness. Willingness to accept your innate value and worth, without question or doubt.

If you are willing, then you are ready for the next step.

Hi, my name is Harrison Klein.

I help people align their energy and thinking with their desires and beliefs. The end result is the ability to experience, live, and manifest anything they want.

About five years ago, I began receiving messages that did not come from my rational, intellectual mind. These messages were much more potent and energized with a higher consciousness than normal. As I began recording these messages and sharing them with others, the feedback was unbelievably great.

People began asking me to send them messages on a consistent basis. They reported back that, although the words were simple and direct, the energy and consistent power of these messages changed their perspectives, beliefs and ultimately, their consciousness and lives.

That is how Messages from the Light was born. These higher messages have now been compiled into book form. There are four volumes, more than 600 pages total of these light-giving messages.

As you dive into these transformative expressions, you will discover that they are based on clairvoyance, premonition, holy insights and innate knowledge.

My clients and colleagues who have read and absorbed the essence of these messages have transformed moments of daily living into extraordinary states of enlightenment, purpose, joy, and happiness.

I have been told that these messages are blueprints, from many angles, to higher consciousness, self-realization and magical new creative powers.


Amazing Life Changing Messages from The Light Volume 1 Hot Off the Press, 180+ Page Volume 1 Now Distributed For the First Time! (3 more volumes coming soon!)

In this book you will also learn:

 Your Own Library of Insights to Build Information and Enlightenment Experience

 Practical Exercises That Will Take You To An Elevated State of Mind and Keep You There

 Think Different Stimulations, Reframing, and World Renown Advice

 Unusual Perspectives from Beyond the Ego Guaranteed to Shift Your Mind

 Genius Methods of Internalizing This Knowledge

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